Using my tablet as secondary display (with FOSS linux software)

The other day I came upon a github repo with a script that creates a virtual display and use it as second display. I found out this can be done on my swayWM easily by hand.

This is a guide of how to use any device as your second display.

#linux #software #FOSS #android


  1. Create a virtual display
  2. Start vnc server for that display
  3. Connect to the vnc server on another device
  4. (Optional) change relative position



Create a virtual display

On swayWM/wayland, this can be done with

swaymsg create_output

Use swaymsg -t get_outputs to verify

Start vnc server

For wayland, use wayvnc

wayvnc -o <OUTPUT_NAME>

Connect to the vnc server

Make sure you firewall isn't blocking the ports and enable encryption on public networks.

Change relative position

output <name> position|pos <X> <Y>
           Places the specified output at the specific position in the
           global coordinate space. 

The man page of sway-output has a nice description.