AMD Super Resolution On Linux

I came upon a Reddit thread about AMD's FSR and RSR on Linux, and I decided to dig down the rabbit hole. Surprisingly, it is easier than I think.

This guide relies on Wayland, Mesa, AMDGPU, and Plagman's gamescope for AMD's FSR support.

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  1. Compile gamescope and install
  2. Change launch opts in your game launcher (Steam, MultiMC, etc.)
  3. Validate settings in-game.

What is gamescope?

It is a fork of Valve's steamos-compositor, and has features such as AMD's FSR and custom resolutions. The official repo page is located at:


  1. Dependencies needed for gamescope. The Wiki already has a great description.


1. Compile

# clone the repository
git clone
cd gamescope
git submodule update --init
# build the software
meson build/
ninja -C build/

The gamescope executable is located at build/gamescope.

2. Change the launch options


Go to properties section in your game's right click menu, and add following:

PATH-TO-gamescope -h 768 -H 1080 -f -e -U -- %command% -w 1024 -h 768

launch option I added gamemoderun, it is an app for optimizing game's performance

Other Launchers

For instance, in MultiMC launcher: Multimc launch opts Find a menu like this and add the line described in the image.

3. Validate in game

When the game finished loading, check if the resolution changed in Display, and enable fullscreen to enable FSR.

And that's all. Pretty simple isn't it?